Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome to MARDI Langkawi Agro Technology Park

Agro Technology Langkawi 

The Agro Technology Park was developed in 1990. It functions as a centre for technology transfer and information dissemination concerning agro-industry.

 The park is also designed as an eco-tourism spot for visitors to Langkawi. It is located at the neighbourhood of Lubuk Semilang Recreational Park with panoramic view of forested Gunung Raya catchment area.

 The farm covers an area of 14.2 ha (40% of total land area) with more than 20 fruit types, both seasonal and non-seasonal.

The orchard species include star fruit, guava, citrus, mango, rambutan, pulasan, durian, cempedak, jack fruits, longan, mangosteen, dokong, duku langsat and others.
Visitors to the fruit farm can experience the fresh taste of the tropical fruits besides the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the various species available.

Agro Technology Park MARDI Langkawi 
Jalan Padang Gaong
Lubuk Semilang , 07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman  

Phone :  604 - 953 2550 / 604 - 953 2551