Friday, May 11, 2007


About Langkawi Snake Sanctuary

A beautiful Parkland with an undulating setting is home to this collection of venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Spacious Terrariums are locatedat various parts of parkland along well defined paths for close public viewing of the snakes.

An Interactive Centre occupies a major portion of the side .
Within this centre are ;
-‘Touch &Feel’ session with non-venomous species.
-An exhibition foyer for display of skeletons,skin and generalanatomy of snakes and their habitat .

A Recuperative area is provided to monitor the health and general well being of the sankes ,venom extraction and to conduct future research .

The Main Attraction is an Amphitheatre with seating for 100 people .Live performances at regular intervels will be staged to show the characteristics of some of the deadliest snakes known to man including ;
Striking copperhead racers.
King cobras

Visiting hours ;
Monday – Sunday .10am – 6pm
Shows - 11.30 am / 3.00pm / 5.00pm

Admission Fee ;
Adult : Rm10
Child : Rm 5 (below 12 years)

Location :
Lot 1577 ,Mata Air location (Front Tok Senik Hotel )
Phone : 604-9557288 or 603-90591813 Fax: 604-9557257