Thursday, October 23, 2008

Langkawi Island - Kota Mahsuri
A visit to this magical island will not be complete without a visit to this significant site .Situated about 12 km from Kuah ,this memorial was arected in honour of Mahsuri,a fair maiden who was unjustly accused of adultery.According to legend,in her dying breath ,Mahsuri laid a curse on the island,that it would not prosper for seven generations.Fact or fiction ,seven generations have passed and Langkawi is today a flourishing tourists destination.Visitors can view a recorded interpretation of her legend at the museum here .

Opening hours : 8:00am - 6.30pm daily
Admission fee : Malaysians: RM5(adults) RM2.50(children)
Non-Malaysians : RM10(adults) RM5(children)
Tel: 04-9556055