Monday, June 02, 2008

Langkawi Agropark - Mardi Langkawi

It functions as a centre for technology transfer and information dissemination concerning agro-industry. The park is also designed as an eco-tourism spot for visitors to Langkawi. It is located at the neighbourhood of Lubuk Semilang Recreational Park with panoramic view of forested Gunung Raya catchment area.

Activity at Langkawi agropark – Mardi ;

Tropical farm visit –

The farm covers an area of 14.2 ha (40% of total land area) with more than 20 fruit types, both seasonal and non-seasonal. The orchard species include star fruit, guava, citrus, mango, rambutan, pulasan, durian, chempedak, jack fruits, longan, mangosteen, dokong, duku langsat and others.Visitors to the fruit farm can experience the fresh taste of the tropical fruits besides the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the various species available .

Recreational Centre –
An additional attraction of the Agro Technology Park is the recreational centre of preserved natural forest. The area is destined as a protected environment for visitors to experience the cool tropical climate of the jungle and learn about the exotic flora and fauna hidden in the woods.For those interested to stay overnight, camping sites with basic facilities are available for rental. Trails for jungle trekking is constructed through the forest for the more adventurous campers. Others may want to go fishing by the ponds in the valley at the edge of at the forest

The AgroTechnology Park is only 10 minutes away by car/taxi from Kuah or Langkawi International Airports. The major attractions include technology information centre, tropical fruit farms, sheltered hi-tech vegetable farms and naturally conserved surrounding areas for recreational purposes.

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