Thursday, February 07, 2008

Langkawi Activities on February

1. 6-10 Feb - Langkawi International Regatta Perdana 2008 - Langkawi international regatta perdana is back !Come and watch over 300 participants from around the world compete in 13 exciting categories -

2. 21 Feb - Kedah Chap Goh Meh Celebration - In Hokkien,"Chap Goh Meh "means the 15th night and its mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebration. Amongst the most popular and colourfulactivities are the "throwing of oranges into the sea by young maidens",we hope to find suitors! -

3. 23 Feb - Langkawi International Triathlon 2008 / Langkawi Ironman Endurance Marathon(LIEM) - More than 500 participants will go through the grueling rigours of a 3.8km swim across choppy waters,an 180.3km close bike race in the midday heat followed y a 42.2km marathon throughtoutthe island.The event has thus been certified as among the toughest in the world ! -