Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restaurant Siti Fatimah Langkawi

Located at Jalan Mata Air in the direction of Kota Mahsuri and near the Kampung Tok Senik Resort. Restoran Fatimah is well known in Langkawi and has lived up to its name through the years.
With over 70 dishes being served at any one time, the restaurant still maintains its low price for quality food. Best time to go is around 11 am when there are not too many people and the full spread is still fresh from the kitchen.
Try the assortment of grilled fish with various sambals, condiments or air assam (tamarind juice in shrimp paste). The gulai ikan talang masin is sensational. Very accommodating and friendly staff.
Opening hours: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Night menu
Malay Traditional Cuisine ,featuring Gulai Panas,Asam pedas Fatimah, Variety of seafood Dishes ,Ikan Masin Pok Kaw Liaw .

: Wednesday

Restaurant Fatimah Langkawi ,famed for its is huge nasi campur spread and possibly the most well-known budget restaurant in LAngkawi,is now open evenings with a brand new dinner menu .
They were given crab, huge jumbo prawns , two different types of fish curry ,a plate of fried chicken with a secret spice mix , and a plate of salted fish sliced lengthwise and topped with tasty fried onion .
For reservations : Farid 012-4737430 / Wati 012-5735227 / Leen 012-5770979

Tel: 04-955 2754 Fax: 04-425 4844