Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About Cable Car Langkawi

Hanging Bridge - The Facts ;

1.Overall distance 125m

2.Pylon height 82m

3.Pylon foundation above sea-level 605m

4.Top of Pylon above sea-level 687m

5.Loading/Maximum capacity 2000pax @ 4 person per m2

6.Square area 500m2

7.Consruction period ( August 2003 - August 2004 ) 12months

8.Open to public 27Feb 2005

Cable car system for Gunung Machincang ;

1.Hozontal distance 2079m

2.Vertical rise 680m ,inclined distance 2158m

3.Bull wheel diameter 6.10m

4.Passengers per-gondola 6 persons

5.Design and operating speed 5m/sec and 3m/sec

6.Height of Tower 1 (nearest to Base Station) 38m

7.Height of Tower 2 - 70m

8.Longest free span (between Tower 2 and Middle Station) 950m

Langkawi Cable Car - Activity Corner

1.Deer Farm - Come on in and see ,at the deer farm you don't justlook at the deer ,you walk among them,you touch let them eatright from your hands...try it its fun .!
2.Archery - Test your skills on the archery .See if you can hit your target ,please enjoy yourself,what you need is time !
3.Wax - A replica of your hands souvenir ? Ready in 10 minutes.Don't miss this opportunity .
4.Cafe - In the cafe you can choose your meal from several different menus .
5.Photo Souviner - You can keep and reminisce your memorable visit on photosouviner that can be purchaced here .
6.Rabbit Farm - Get closer still with nature.You can feed the rabbits which is adjacent to the Base Station.Entrance is free .
7.Jungle Trekking - Jungle trekking activity can be arrange upon request.
8.Foot Massage - Reflexology is a relaxing massage of the feet,which enchances equilibrium in body circulation and the nerve system.All body parts are connected by subtle,which flows down from the head to the feet,and requires smooth channel to stimulates therelease and discharge of toxin .

Operation hours ;

Mon-Thur : 10am - 6pm

Fri-Sun & PH : 9.30am - 7pm

Wed Only : 12pm - 6pm

Important Info ;
Langkawi Cable Car operation is subject to weather condition.Customer are advised to call before visiting to avoid disappointment .