Friday, January 12, 2007

Langkawi Craft Complex

Love Malaysia Craft

Take home a part of Malaysia handicraft items that is! They have come a long way from cottage industry years .It have become stylish ,whilst retaining their ethnic appeal .Songket (Malaysia Brocade) is for example ,gaining favour with international designers looking for a dash of Eastern elegance in their creations .Silverware and pewter ware take pride in most stately of homes .So does the charm of a wood carving door of pottery .Malaysia handicraft includes songket ,batik ,tekat ,pottery ,woodcarving ,brassware and pandanus waering .

Langkawi Craft Complex

The Langkawi Craft Complex is a ‘One-Stop Craft Centre’ on the island of Langkawi in 1996 .This complex enables tourist visiting the island to purchase handicrafts sourced from all over Malaysia in one convenient location .


Providing retail space
–Handicraft retailers are given the opportunity to rent retail space at the Complex

Promotions – Various promotional activities are held to entice more tourists to visit the Langkawi Craft Complex ,and to purchase Malaysian handicrafts .

Craft Education – To carryout at our three museums;the Craft Museum,Legends of Langkawi Museum and the Heritage Museum.Craft Education is also carried out via handicraft demonstrations ,interactive craft sessions and thematic exhibitions held at the Complex .Education short-term courses and
Phone : 604-9591913 / 6049591844