Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bronok Salad, Langkawi's Exclusive Culinary Dish

Bronok Salad, Langkawi's Exclusive Culinary Dish
The resort island of Langkawi offers to the locals and tourists many picturesque and charming locations apart from being a shopping haven, but there is one other thing also for which it wins many a hearts - its variety of culinary dishes such as the famous grilled fish and other seafood offerings.

However, there is one culinary dish that stands out, the 'kerabu bronok'. This is a kind of shredded vegetables mixed with sliced 'bronok'. ... By Suhaila Said


Kerabu bronok is actually a local salad in which the main ingredient is bronok, a type of 'timun laut' (sea cucumber that some Malaysians consider having medicinal values) that can be found only in Langkawi.
To those who have tried this salad explain the bronok as being a bit chewy but crunchy and soft.
The raw bronok is slippery to hold and is either dark chocolate (when mature) or pinkish (when young) in colour....By Suhaila Said


According to Jah Ahmad, 84, who makes the salad, the bronok's head and tail sections are chopped off to drain its contents - most of these mud and sea water.
Using a sharp knife, Jah slices the bronok into thin small portions before thoroughly rinsing the slices with water to clean away any possible remnants of the mud.
"The bronok slices are then mixed with coconut condiments and sambal as well as chilli, kerisik (fried grated coconut flesh) and lengkuas (galangal), together with shredded cashew leaves... By Suhaila Said Full  Articles