Friday, March 23, 2007

Langkawi Herbwalk With Dr. Ghani

Traditional Malay Medicine is amongst the oldest form of healing art which encompasses the use of plants , minerals and animal products as medicine . Malaysia is fortunate in that she has amongst the world’s most diversified biological products that are readily available to be used as medicine . Langkawi is no different in this sense with resources within the rainforest and mangrove swamp that has been used as medicine to treat common ailments for generations .

Dr. Ghani is a qualified Medical Practitioner who has been practicing his western style of medicine on this island for the past 22 years . During this time he has been successful in promoting modern medicine to the villagers to the advantage of those who came after him . After 22 years he has been forced into looking at the values of plant as medicine after being married to his petite wife who seems to be allergic to most of the medicine he has in his clinic .It was never a frustrating thing because he found the plant that did wonders ti his dear wife in the form of the weed which grows in abundance here in Langkawi . This started him into venturing deeper in the use of plants as medicine .
To bring the tourists into the realms of the Traditional Malay Art of Healing, Dr Ghani has the three program outlined .

1.Herb-Walk in My Garden
2.Herb-Walk in the Rainforest
3.Ethnobotanical Tour of the Mangrove

Come joint to know about ..Periok Kera(Nepenthes gracilis,Korth) ,Bayam Karang(Strobilanthes crispus,(L.)Bremek) ,Belimbing Tanah(Tacca cristata,Jack) ,Cekur(Kaempferia galangal,Lin) ,Kunyit Terus Hitam(Zingiber ottensii,val)
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