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Calendar Of Events Langkawi 2007

Royal Langkawi International Regatta

Date : 4-9 February 2007
An event that has become the talk of South East Asia ,the Regatta will see more than 50 yachts competing in 9 highly charged racing classes!Do not miss all the drama and excitement on the high seas!
Tel: 604-9664078

Langkawi Squid Challenge 2007 (Sauk Sotong Langkawi 2007)
Date : 9-10 February 2007
It’s squid season again .Only this time,the catch is much bigger and the prizes are much better .Witness how the participants demonstrate their skills in order to be the the best squid catcher!
Tel : 604-9698080

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Langkawi Ironman Triathlon 2007
Date : 24 Feb 2007

More than 300 participants will go through the grueling rigours of a 3.8km swim across hoppy waters , an 180.3km close bike race in the midday heat followed by a 42.2km marathon throughout the island .The event is thus certified as among the toughest in the world !

Kedah Chap Goh Meh Celebration
Date : 4 Mar 2007

“Chap Goh Meh “ means in Hokkien the 15th night and it marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations .Amongst celebrations held on Chap Goh Meh,th most popular and colourful one must be the “throwing of oranges into the sea by young maidens”.
Tel : 604-9698080

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID) 2007
Date : 17 – 23 Mar 2007

By H & G Strategic Communications
This is the first event of its kind that would exclusively be a venue for 60 all-star university debating teams to air their views on peace related issue .

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Launching Of National Water Festival 2007 & Langkawi Water Fest 2007
Date : 6 - Apr 2007
As the selected venue for the Opening of National Level Water Fest 2007 ,Langkawi Water Fest promises endless thrills and spills at the happening Lagenda beach !More than 30 exciting water sports and beach games will be held throughout the three day event ,promising participants top prizes,and also lucky draws galore for the lucky visitors!
Tel : 604-9698080

Langkawi-Koh Adang International Fishing Challenge(LANG-KAIF)
Date : 27 – 29 Apr 2007
By : Langkawi Development Authority(LADA)
The only fishing competition beyond international border ,promising fun and top prizes .

Wilderness Langkawi Challenge 2007
Date : 29 Apr 2007
By Wildderness Malaysia
An adventure race around the island involving kayaking ,trail running ,swimming,ropes course,mountain biking and many more !Take part in either of 2 categories : ‘Slow & Steady’ or ‘Fast & Furious’
Tel : 604-9668000

17th Pelangi Cup International Golf Open Championship 2007
Date : 17 May 2007

By Meritus Pelangi Beach & Spa Resort Langkawi
The most prestigious golf tournament for amateurs in Langkawi is back for the 17th time !Among the distinguished participants are the HRH Sultan of Kedah and his consont,the HRH Sultanah of Kedah .Many thrilling moments worthy of greater tourneys are in store ,even without a certain tiger!
Tel : 604-9528888

Fire Fighting Competition Langkawi 2007
Date : 16 June 2007

By Tourism Langkawi,Langkawi Fire & Rescue Dept & Langkawi Tourism Association
A unique event where participants get to show off their fire fighting prowess !Held to create awareness of fire safety the participants are from diverse backgrounds of the local tourism industry;government departments;hotels;restaurants and NGOs .
Tel : 604-9698080

Playsmart Scientific Trail Competition
Date : 23 June 2007
By PETRO-SAINS playsmart Langkawi
A competition organized to test the participants’ general knowledge of Science with the top prizes being visits to the Petrosains Centre in Kuala Lumpur .Participation of tourists welcome .
Tel : 604-9591108

Mu’adzam Shah Tropy Golf Tournament 2007
Date : 7 July 2007
By Bayview Hotel Langkawi
An already established golf tournament in Langkawi ,the event has had participants from as far as Japan .The Roysl Patron is the HRH Sultan of Kedah .It also attracts enthusiasts who are keen to compete from among the heads of government departments and Malaysia’s corporate movers and shakers.
Tel : 604-9661818

Rambutan Trail
Date : 13-14 July 2007
By Langkawi Dept of Alriculture
Anything and everything to do with ‘Rambutans’.the unique hairy local fruit ,can be found at this event .There will be lots of fruit picking and sampling ,fruit carving demonstrations ,as well as other fun contests of the fruity kind !
Tel : 604-9556566

Hot & Happening Weekend in Langkawi 2007 (Karnival Langkawi 2007)
Date : 20-21 July 2007
By Tourism Langkawi
Four major national events are simultaneously showcased in one sizzling weekend !They are Colours of Malaysia ,Flavours of Malaysia,Mega Sale Carnival and ‘Cuti-Cuti Malaysia’Tourism Fair.Fashion shows,contests,liveband and traditional dance medley are the highlights.Be there or be square!
Tel : 604-9698080

Tunku Temenggong Challenge Trophy Fishing Tournment 2007
Date : 28 July 2007
By Alu-alu International
An overnight fishing competition held along Langkawi’s western shore where partipants stand to win many attractive prizes .

Raise the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ Campaign 2007
Date : 25 August 2007
By Tourism Langkawi
The ‘Jalur Gemilang’ is the name of the Malaysia Flag .During this campaign ,many activities are held to encourage Malaysians to raise the Flag leading up to the Independence Day or ‘Merdeka’ on 31st August
Tel : 604-9698080

The 50th Merdeka Eve Celebration 2007
Date : 30 August 2007
The Eve of Independence Day is celebrated with a whole evening of song and dance ,poem recitals and sketches to inculcate the the patriotic spirit in Malaysians and to nurture from young a love for the country .
Tel : 604-9698080

Langkawi Ramadhan Bazaar 2007
Date : 13-12 Oct 2007
Ramadhan is a Holy month for muslims around the world where they fast from dawn till dusk .They then break their fast with many traditional goodies that can easily be found at the local Ramadhan Bazaar .The variety of mouthwatering delights is simply amazing !
Tel : 604-9698080

50th Merdeka Tea Reception 2007
Date : 9 Sept 2007
A grand tea reception held at the picturesque Eagle Square as part of the celebration of Malaysia’s Independence Day .Tourists and local folks from all walks of life are all invited to attend an sample many of the local fare served .
Tel : 604-9666590

World Tourism Day 2007
Date : 27 Sept 2007
Every 27 September has been declared as World Tourism
Organization (WTO) under United Nations .Langkawi celebratesby organizing various fun activities and competitions according to the theme set by WTO for each year .
Tel : 604-9698080

Langkawi International Fishing Tournament (LIFT)
Date : 31 Oct – 4 Nov 2007

A most challenging event held in the deep blue waters off the enchanting and mysterious Tukun Perak Island ,southwest of Langkawi .Avid anglers compete for three days and two nights in the open sea ,braving all the harsh natural elements in their bid to haul the prized catch that wins the day !
Tel : 604-9698080

Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2007
Date: 4 – 8 Dec 2007
By Ministry of Defence
LIMA is back ,bigger and better than ever ,This premier showcase held every 2 years is a gathering of exhibitors from around the world coming together to display the finest in aviation equipment and facilities.It’s the region’s biggest exhibitions showcasing latest state –of-the-art equipment and technology in the aerospace ,air defence and civil aviation industries .Join over 500 exhibitors froms 30 nations at LIMA on the beautiful island of Langkawi .

Langkawi Art & Craft Festivel (LACRAF)
Date : 24 – 31 Dec 2007
See raw ,artistic talent at its finest .Participants from all over Malaysia and beyond converge on the island to demonstrate their creativity and showchse their products .For most arts and craft lovers, this is one opportunity to chance upon real unique pieces,be they jewellery,batik paintings,sculptures,pottery,etc.
Tel : 604-9698080