Saturday, November 01, 2008

Langkawi Atma Alam Art Village

The birthplace of Langkawi’s art of hand made Batik founded by Aza Osman (oil painter) and Roshadah Yusof (batik/designer) is a treasure trove of local art and culture .Here ,all element are pooled together to showcase the true products of local talents in the world of Batik .
The half acre floor space consisting of a Batik Workshop ,Batik Showroom ,Art Gallery and handicraft section offers high quality local product affordable even to the domestic visitors.Come experience the difference . Atma Alam Art Village is recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Culture ,Art and Heritage .

Tel/Fax : +6049551227
Email :
Web :
Specialities : Batik Painting courseand special orders
Languages : English , Italian , German
Location : Padang Matsirat ,Langkawi Island ,Malaysia .

Open daily between 9am and 6pm .
Entrance free .

( They accept Visa,Master Card,JCB,American Express )