Sunday, July 27, 2008

Langkawi Snake Sanctuary - Othman and Ayu will stay for 88 hours in a glass cage with 8 different types of poisonous snakes !

Situated in a beautiful parkland opposite Kampung Tok Senik Resort in Langkawi, the Snake Sanctuary is another fascinating venue for tourists. It is home to venomous and non-venomous snakes from all over the world.

…Othman is a nature guide at the Andaman who is one of the most knowledgeable snake experts in Malaysia .From Dec 6 ,1998 to Jan 2nd ,1999 ,he staged a publicity stunt so daring that those who witnessed it still talk about it with disbelief .Almost exactly 10 years ago,Othman locked himself up for 27 continuous days and nights with 150 deadly cobras at Lagenda Parks ,surviving 3 snakebites and earning himself a listing in the 1999 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. To celebrate ( if that’s the word for it ) the 10th anniversary of the event,Othman is planning to lock himself in a glass enclosure at the Langkawi Snake Sanctuary with 8 types of poisonous snake for 8 days on the 8th day of August 2008 ( 08/08/08 ) .This time when snakes are most likely to bite with them .

“ My aim this time is not to go for a record,” He explains.” Now I am just trying to give real information about snakes.” …..
….Besides being a snake expert ,Othman is a trained practitioner of the art of snake charming .For those who have not seen the incredible daily performances at Langkawi Snake Sanctuary ,the Malay version of snake charming is much more spectacular and risky than the Indian flute-playing version .There is no basket and no flute between man and snake .The snake are not defanged or drugged .,and charmer uses his whole body ( in particular the hands,knees and feet ) to tease ,tame or provoke the snake ,finally lulling the snake into a trance so that it can be kissed at the head .

Othman eventually found a master snake charmer to train him not just in snake charming but also in herbs and traditional Malay snakebite cures . Today ,due to a previous accident that put a charmer into a 3-day coma, Langkawi Snake Sanctuary will not allows their charmer to perform with king cobras unless Othman is around to administer treatment should someone get bitten …..
….Othman has just been reinstated as the consultant for Langkawi Snake Sanctuary .After he left the post in 2002 ,the eye-catching giant snake ribs that lined the entrance walkway were dismantled and the herd garden where he grew his snake bite remedies was removed .But Othman now has big plans to revitalize Langkawi Snake Sanctuary and make it a topnotch attraction for both locals and tourists alike . He is submitting proposals for there to be guides to explain the exhibits to guests,for the exhibition hall to be darkened and jungle scenery installed ,for his herb garden to be replanted ,and for a wildlife research and rescue centre to be built on the land next to be parking lot . He hopes that the 8-day event in August will generate enough publicity to convince Langkawi Snake Sanctuary management t fund his proposals . ...Info from langkawi link - by Patrick Low

From August 1 to August 8 ,come to the Langkawi Snake Sanctuary and hear Langkawi’s most fearless snake handlers Othman and Ayu lecture about venomous snakes – While Locked Up In A Cage Full Of Deadly Snakes !

Location : Snake Sanctuary Langkawi .Phone : 604-9557288 Fax : 604-9557257
Snake Show times : 11.30 am , 3.00pm
Ticket : From RM3.00 – RM15.00