Thursday, March 18, 2010

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

From Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant manager blog, Mr.Ismail;

The food, ambiance and service

If you are staying somewhere around Kuah Toun, the dining options in town are dull and insanely expensive by Langkawi standards. By the sea at Jalan Penarak, you will have one good restaurant, called Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant. Our specialise is seafood. The service, location and food are great.

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Amazed by the atmosphere

Located at Jalan Penarak, very close to ferry terminal, some local says Fish Farm Restaurant is famous with its seafood. It’s true, you will be amazed by the atmosphere, sea breeze and the surrounding of hillside. Another reason why you must dine at Fish farm is, the fish farm itself.

Restaurant map - click pic for large

Fish the fish in cages.

Yup, come to our farm, grab some rod and the bait, and start fishing. The fish catches, will be cooked and served on the table for you. There are varieties of fish available. Do not worry about charges. What you see on the menu is what you pay. NO hidden charges. Rod and bait is free. But the fish (depend on the species, will weight and charge accordingly). Anyway, everything is great.

Great sceneries

At this themed restaurant, especially for student and children, it is another 'classroom' for them. They can found many species of life fish; learn how people breed fish, fish living eco-system without going out the open sea. You are not just having diner but education too. For adult, you would enjoy the scenery, garden, ambience as well as soft music played for you all day.