Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dr.Ghani with Langkawi Herb Walk
Remember that ..?
Let Dr. Ghani take you on a fascinating tour of medicinal plants in Langkawi’s rainforest ,mangrove jungles and his own organic herb gardern.Discover the depth and richness of traditional Malay healing and medicine .
1.Garden Herbwalk ( 2 hrs )
The Garden Herbwalk is a 2 hrs program program that consists of an introductory lecture and then a guided tour through Dr.Ghani’s garden,where he cultivates around 500 species of medicinal plants.It end with drinks and snacks under the balai,after with you will be presented with a charming bookmark with a tiny plant laminated inside (hand-assembled by Dr.Ghani and Dayang).
2.Rainforest Herbwalk ( 4hrs )
The Rainforest Herbwalk runs from 10am to 2pm and involves a 3hrs hike through a specially prepared trail in the Gunung Raya rainforest .The walk ends at the balai with a home-made lunch prepared by Dayang .Coming along are 2 other expert forest guide Paklong Bashah,reputedly the foremost expert on plants in Langkawi ,and Abang Non Kuda,a guide known for being able to track animals in the dark with his legendary sense of sight and smell .
3.Mangrove Cruise ( 4hrs )
The last programme is not a walk but a 3 hrs boat cruise through the mangrove swamp ,again with running commentary by Pak Long Bashah and Dr.Ghani .The last hour of the programme is lunch at the balai .
The doctor would like everyone to know that he is not currently in the business of treating patients with traditional Malay herbs and tonic .The Herbwalk is purely educational ,meant only as an introduction to the surprisingly sophiscated Malay healing traditional ,and to promote the incredible botanical diversity of the island that we live on . (By Patrick Low ..recommended by Eva Zimmermann …tq)
For reservations, please call;
Dr. Ghani – 012-452-3404 or Dayang 012 -561-6410
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