Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Info About Langkawi Geopark

How is it related to UNESCO ?
UNESCO (a United Nasion ody on education ,social and culture ) is a credible world organization known worldwide .The recognition from UNESCO and the enlisting of Langkawi Geopark amongst other world geoparks will surely make Langkawi Geopark recognized globally .At the same time ,this will open more paths towards information exchange and cooperation between geoparks in other parts of the world .There are already 50 geoparks under the UNESCO banner .

There are three Geoforest Parks within Langkawi Geopark ;
1.Machinchang Goeforest Park
*Cambria age (450-550 years old)
*oldest rocks and historical proof that it is the birth
place of Malaysia and South East Asia.

2.Kilim Geoforest Park;
*Tropical island Karst ladscape (lime stone),unique and
amongst the most beautiful in the world .
*formed from erosions,weathering and climatic changes.

3.Dayang Bunting Marble ;
*showcasing the most marvelous marbles formation ,the
finest in the world .Dayang Bunting Lake started off as
a cave ,a doline formation .

Langkawi has the right package to be a well known world class Geopark .

*First geopark with a duty free status
*First geopark that encompasses of 99 beautiful islands .
*Birthplace of Malaysia and South East Asia ,550 years ago ,the Machinchang Cambrian .
*Wholesome nature package ,geology and biodiversity – unique and prominent.
*Permanent forest reserves already exist in Langkawi ,elements of conservation are already in place .
*More than 90 geosites has been identified to have high heritage value .
*Prominent Karst geomorphology landscape ,sea arches,sea stacks,fossils,glacial dropstones,waterfalls,ancient seabed etc .
*Legend and myths add mystery and colours to the local culture,which is also an added important feature of Langkawi Geopark .
*Culture and the socioeconomy represent added attractions in Langkawi Geopark .