Sunday, August 24, 2008


A legendary circuit on a legendary island the Langkawi Morac International Karting Circuit/Fast Track Speedzone has seen many international class races, and witnessed many dramatic, tense and suspenseful moments. A pioneering track completed in 1996 and located in Padang Mat Sirat, the 0.96km Langkawi track is ideal for those who wish to experience driving on an international standard track. With an upgraded computerized timing system, the track promises even more thrills for it drivers especially in the heat of full-fledge international class race.
Morac was incorporated on 5th of April 1997 and its first track was built in Langkawi in year 1996. In year 2000, a second track was built in Bukit Lanjan but it was then closed down to allow for the construction of the new Wisma Mofaz building.

A third track was built in year 2001 on a piece of land belonging to Elite Expressway Lingkaran Tengah. An agreement was signed on November 2000 for a duration of 5 years which was valid till 30th November 2005.Morac’s activities are mainly on managing go-kart tracks and providing go-kart related services. It offers go-kart and track rental for walk-in customers and even for corporate event functions.

Occasionally, Morac also provides other services including go-karting classes and lectures especially on go-karting skills.
Track Rental :
Special introductory rate: RM70 per driver per admission (surcharge applicable for night sessions)
Fun Kart = RM35.00 Swiss Hutless Kart Running approximately 85km/h (Maximum of 8 karts at one time) The fastest individual can run in 10 minutes with funkart will be approximately 6 to 8 laps (2 laps free) on 1000m track length.

YamahaKart KT100 = RM100.00 Running approximately 125km/h (Maximum of 8 karts at one time) The fastest individual can run in 15 minutes with Yamahakart will be approximately 10 to 15 laps on 1000m track length.
Corporate RatesAvailable upon request.
Contact NumbersSpeedzone Langkawi / Mofaz Motorsport Langkawi: +60 4 9555827 / 9555792