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Issued at : 5.30 am 02/10/2006

This is an update to the heavy rainfall warning issued at 7.30 pm last night(1st October 2006).
Present moderate rain occasionally heavy over FT Labuan, West Coast, Kudat and northern areas of Sandakan and Interior Divisions of Sabah is expected to persist until early morning(2nd October 2006).
These rain could produce flash floods, strong wind, rough seas and mudlsides along river banks, low lying areas and mountain slopes.

Issued by Malaysian Meteorological Department Ministry of Science, Technology & Inovation02/10/2006

Allow Only 200 Tourists A Day to Pulau Payar

Allow only 200 tourists to Pulau Payar in Langkawi at one time. That is the proposal by Sahabat Alam Malaysia (Friends of the Environment Malaysia) for the carrying capacity of visitors to the island, which is the only marine park on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.At present, 700 people visit the island per day. The State Government is considering to allow only 400 visitors into Pulau Payar a day.Sahabat Alam co-ordinator Mohd Nizam Mahshar said the big number of tourists to the island was worrying as it posed a threat to marine life."The recent proposal was to reduce visitors to 400, but considering that the natural condition is bad, we suggest that the limit be reduced further to between 100 and 200 visitors per day."It is better to reduce the number of tourists to Pulau Payar now. When the ecological situation has improved, then maybe the number could be increased," he said at a Press conference here.This measure was part of several steps, which included a study of the impact of tourism at Pulau Payar.


The Pulau Payar Marine Park is situated in the northern part of the Straits of Melaka, 19 nautical miles south of Langkawi and encompasses the islands of Pulau Payar, Pulau Lembu, Pulau Segantang and Pulau Kaca which are surrounded by coral reefs. The marine park teems with a fascinating diversity of marine life and vegetation.Many endangered species of fishes and marine organisms live within the sanctuary. Measuring 2km long and 1/4 km wide, Pulau Payar is the most popular of the islands as its sheltered waters are ideal are for snorkeling, diving and swimming. Among the enchanting dive spots is the "Coral Garden", an area covered with bright, multi-hued soft corals.There are several sandy beaches on Pulau Payar island for picnics as well as hiking trails for those who wish to explore the island. Just off the beach, one can indulge in the thrilling experience of feeding baby sharks. Facilities include gazebos, picnic tables, barbecue pits and restrooms at selected areas. There is also a Visitors' Centre that provides information about the marine park


Situated towards the east of Pulau Payar are some easy wreck diving sites. Dozens of sunken fishing trawlers are found around Pulau Kaca creating an artificial reef. Depth is about 18 meters which makes it an easily accessible wreck to explore. Abundance of fish life, mollusks and nudibranchs can be found among the scattered vessels.


This rocky outcrop is located 13 km towards the west of Pulau Payar. It features steep rocky terrain plunging into the sea to a sandy bottom at 20 meters. Nurse shark, barracudas and jacks are very common here. Lobsters, moral eels and mollusks are also commonly sighted

Scuba Diving in Payar Island

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