Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Fairies Of Seven Wells

About a kilometer from the Oriental Village (behind Cable Car) is a beautiful waterfall cascading over seven natural pools.The beauty of it not only attracts mortals but fairies too,who take delight in the cool and invigorating mountain stream.

The memerizing beuty of these spiritual damsels is said to be a ssight to behold and puts one in immediate Valhalla .But unfortunately very few have sighted them .
There is a story of a mountain prince who lived near these waterfall ,who made great efforts to capture one of these beauties but failed .
It is said that these fairies usually bathe in this mountain stream in the wee hours of the morning .They sometimes leave behind their toiletries.Usually it is a couple of "limau purut" (a kind of sweet aromatic lemon,the juice of which used to scrub the body) and "sintok" (a kind of root used as a shampoo).If one finds these ,and bathes with them at the seven wells,it is said that bad luck is washed away ?


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