Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Langkawi: "If you are living here . . .
Mark, updated: 23 June 2009
. . . YOU are responsible for this Island." (Prof. d’Abrera)

This is a very uncomfortable truth and there are many justifications why ‘we can not do anything’ about the real or perceived absuse of the environment on this Island. "What can an individual do? Isn’t it the big money that rules the destiny of this Island? If I say something, I will have difficulties." Now there is something, that you CAN do -
and that is safe to do, even for Expats living here (who indeed should behave like the guests they are): You can become a Member of the Malaysian Nature Society.

In this way you can express your stand and give your support to the right side. Do you want more shopping centers on Langkawi and Skyscrapers in Tanjung Rhu ? No? Ok, join the people who have the science, the experience, the connections and the trust of the Government. Join a Malaysian organization who has the same goal as you and works on educating people.
Help them to find and initiate new, practical, viable solutions. Like putting up an "Institute of Natural History" on Langkawi, which will act as a Museum and a Center for Scientists who will be working here. It will generate income without having negative side effects.
The Nature of Langkawi is still in pretty good shape. But time might come, when it will be important to have a strong voice with many followers on this Island to put some weight on the right side of the balance.
These times might come earlier than we think.
Here is how you can become a Member :The easiest way is to go and make a visit to
Ms. Fadzillah Binti Mansor
the Program Coordinator of the new Langkawi Branch of the MNS in the Frangipani Hotel.
Please give her a call before you go: 04 955 8599

The ordinary Membership for one year is RM 70.00 / RM 100.00 (depending on which magazines you want to receive).
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