Monday, August 18, 2008

Rent a car At Langkawi Island – Langkawi Car Rental .

Two ways to get around the island of Langkawi are taxi and cars rental .Both have their own distinct advantages .
You can get a taxis or car rental at Langkawi Jetty or Langkawi Airport .Taxis are the only convenient form of public transportation available . Most of the time (aside from early mornings and late nights) rides do not need to be pre-arranged. There are many taxis making regular loops around tourist destinations, whose drivers are very eager to make money.
The best option is to hire a car or a motorbike. Hiring a car can be anywhere between RM50 to RM250 based on the season. Its a small island and getting around having your own mode of transport is a great option as you can pit stop several times to enjoy the view of the sea and the beautiful landscape.

Kia Picanto ( RM60/24hrs)

Nissan Serena ( RM130/24hrs )
There are numerous car rental agencies available on Langkawi, many of which will have agents located Langkawi Jetty Kuah and Langkawi International Airport. Cars are fairly cheap during the low season, ranging from RM50 – RM150 per day. During the high season expect to pay substantially more. Driving is fairly laid back on the island because of the scarce traffic, with the main hazards being muddy roads, the occasional water buffalo crossing and motorbikes. Reserving a rental ahead of time is not necessary, as there are plenty available year round. Prices for car rental are often negotiable locally. Bargaining is recommended.

Kancil ( RM50/24hrs)

Wira (RM60/24hrs)
Langkawi is a great place to explore by car. The island can easily be circled in a day, but to visit all the beautiful beaches, different shopping areas, great restaurants and dozens of attractions at leisure and discover your own Langkawi, recommend a hire car for at least three days. Langkawi is a duty free island so cars are cheap to buy, and also cheap to rent. Cars can be picked up and dropped at the Langkawi Jetty Kuah or airport or at your hotel.
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