Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wonder of the 'Wetland' Of LangkawiThe Mangrove Swamp
The eco-system that exist in this strange mangrove forest is one of the existing wonders of this planet and while here in Langkawi this definitely is 'must' place to visit.The water here very in salinity and whatever vegetation that thrives here must have a strong tolerance towards high and low salt content .The mangrove tree is a highly evolved .To overcome drowned root system with no aeration during high tide ,they have involved ariel roots.The high salt content do not affect them because they are about the only tree that is capable to reverse osmosis - hence they actually produce their own fresh water from the seawater.Another unique feature of this wonder tree ia that they are able to control evaporation from their leaves by an ability to 'move'their leaves away from the sun .They are also able to close their pores
Interesting Inhabitant Of The Mangrove Swamp
* The Fiddler Crab
* The Mudskipper
* The Mud Lobster
* The Mangrove Snake
* The Malayan Clouded Leapord
* The Hairy-Nosed
OtterMangrove Tour - Activities
1. Eagle Feeding
2. Floating Fish Farm
3. Exploring Bat Cave
4. Pack lunch

What Is The Mangrove Swamp All About ?
Since the Langkawi Declaration on Environment in 1989 ,at the Commonwealth Head Of Goverment at Langkawi ,Langkawi has made serious inroads towards the preservation of the wetlands of the island .The wetland here are basically mangrove swamps .Langkawi has more than 8000 hectares of pure and pristine virgin mangrove forest .Mangrove forest basically are lowlying forest forest that grow in river estuaries ,bays and delta's ,where the water level varies between the low levelat low tide and the high level at hide tide .At one time it was thought that these swampy forests were nothing more than unwanted wastelands.Now ,however there is more awereness as to its impotance and the need to its further preservation .This is so because they contribute tremendouly towards the life of this planet !

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